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We are currently without a pastor at this time. Our ministries are continuing with the labor of our lay workers. We are actively looking for a new pastor.

If you or someone you know are interested, please read on to see what we are looking for in a pastor to serve with us.

Greetings of peace and grace to you as you review this introduction to New Glarus Bible Church.  We are prayerfully seeking a Godly man to fill the role of Senior Pastor.  We hope that the information below will provide a clear introduction to New Glarus Bible Church as well as the responsibilities and qualifications we desire in a Senior Pastor.  If you are reading this and have an interest in pursuing this role, we would ask you to please seek God in prayer and contact us as you feel lead to do so.

Introduction to New Glarus Bible Church

New Glarus Bible Church resides in the picturesque village of New Glarus located in northern Green County, WI. The village of New Glarus was founded by Swiss immigrants who felt this area of Wisconsin looked similar to their home back in Glarus, Switzerland. The Swiss heritage of the area is reflected in the architecture and festivals that are held in the village and throughout Green County. The population of the village is a little over 2,500 people, and the main industry of the area is tourism, though there is some manufacturing and other services in the area. The area is also known for farming and cheesemaking. The village is situated about 30 miles south of the capital city, Madison.

The New Glarus Bible Church was started as a Sunday School in Postville, WI in 1938. Worship services were started there in 1956, and in 1964, Postville Bible Church was incorporated. In 1970 the Postville church became incorporated as the New Glarus Baptist Bible Church, even though the church has never been affiliated with any denomination. In 1973, the Postville property was sold and services began in New Glarus in their new building. In 2009, the name was changed to The New Glarus Bible Church to more accurately represent the church’s non-denominational status. Besides worship service that begins at 10:30 am and lasts until about noon, there are Sunday school classes for children and adults, Children’s church, and women’s bible study. God has blessed our church with good financial health and stewardship of our resources.

The congregation consists of about 40 members from the surrounding area. The church facilities house a sanctuary that holds approximately 150, offices for the pastor and the secretary, a fellowship hall in the basement, three classrooms, a kitchen, a nursery, a small bookstore, and a gymnasium/multi-purpose room, which was built in 2001. New Glarus Bible is very active in missions, supporting 27 missionaries around the world, and has also sent several members into the mission field over the years. The church has a very active AWANA program that serves over 50 children. There is also a 4-bedroom parsonage across the street from the church.

 Doctrinal Statement of New Glarus Bible Church (Click for link)

Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Senior Pastor

It is the conviction of NGBC that scriptural qualifications for a pastor are inclusive of those given in the bible for an overseer, elder or a shepherd, and are added to those of any disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Scriptures specifically addressing this role include:

* 1 Timothy 3:1-7

* 1 Timothy 5:17-21

* 1 Timothy 6:2b-16

* Titus 1:5-9

* 1 Peter 5:1-4

* Acts 20:17-35

* Ephesians 4:11-13

* I Corinthians 14:40

Candidates for this role will be measured against these scriptures with respect to his character and qualifications. Other qualifications for this role are as follows:

* Education – bachelor’s degree (master’s degree or higher preferred) from a college or seminary with doctrine in agreement with the doctrinal statement of New Glarus Bible Church. Candidates with appropriate maturity who are pursuing such an education may also be considered.

* Have ordination (or who are qualified and would be willing to be ordained) and pastoral experience, or ministry experience that entailed leadership roles or leadership development.

* Documented experience with and the ability to teach and disciple individuals, couples and small groups.

* Possess the ability to preach clear, engaging, God-honoring, Gospel-centered biblical expositions with relevant application to all age groups.

* Possess strong interpersonal skills, being able to relate to all age groups, keep confidences, and the ability to share his ministry.

* Pastoral candidate and wife shall agree in whole to the Doctrinal Statement of New Glarus Bible Church.


* To proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to provide engaging biblical expository teaching of the Word of God.

* Accomplish his responsibilities as a shepherd of God’s flock with a spirit of humility, compassion, wisdom, honesty, integrity, and unity as a servant-leader.

* Administer the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

* To serve under the guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit; working directly with the Deacons and other key leadership who serve the congregation, to carry out the mission and purpose of the church.

* Lead and encourage the congregation to fulfill the Great Commission with vision, purpose and priority.

* Visit and minister to members and prospective members in homes, nursing care facilities and hospitals.

* Perform wedding ceremonies and conducts funeral services.

* Provide personal, pre-marital, marital, crisis and conflict resolution counseling in a safe setting, being aware of his limitations and referring to professionals when necessary.

* Serve as Overseer/Administrator of paid church staff and volunteer ministry leaders supervising and evaluating the tasks assigned to each.

* Serve to recommend and advise committees and teams as an ex-officio member.

* Oversee, along with Deacons, all church discipline matters and the management of conflict issues in the church in a biblical manner.

* Communicate effectively with the congregation.

* Give full support biblically to the budget of the church.

* Adhere to the Constitution of New Glarus Bible Church and policies and procedures adopted by the church.

* Participate in community service opportunities as appropriate within the mission of the church.

* Support New Glarus Bible Church’s dedication to international missions and sending missionaries into the field to boldly advance the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

* Maintain a vital and wholesome personal relationship with the Lord through daily Bible study and prayer.

* Maintain biblical priorities at home with his wife, children and parents.



* Full-time, salaried position. Compensation negotiable based on specific needs, experience and church budget.

* 4 BR, 2 bath parsonage with garage available

* Health insurance package

* Vacation / personal time

* Ministry related reimbursement

    o Mileage

    o Conventions, conferences

    o Continuing education and materials

 There are several websites where one can go to explore more of New Glarus, the surrounding area, and the church.  

Websites about New Glarus:

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Al Isely – Chairman (608) 558-7869, or

 “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.   Psalm 122:1