6/3/2018 - Exodus 4

Exodus 4 was a continuation of the conversation between God and Moses of chapter 3. Chapter 4 starts with Moses playing the what if game. It’s a game we’ve all played, bringing up excuses and worse case scenarios to not do what God has called us to do. God calls us to “share” our testimony just as God called Moses to share his. Many of us don’t believe our testimony is exciting enough, but our testimony is much more that our conversion experience. It’s our story of what God has done in our lives since we’ve been saved. All our stories are worth sharing whether they are burning bush experiences or not! God gave Moses three sign miracles to help convince the people to “believe” in Moses’ testimony. Miracles always have and always will be for the sake of giving proof of God’s love, concern for us and His power over all circumstances. The staff to a snake, power over Satan; the leprosy to healing, power to heal; the water to blood, power over the elements; plus, the difference between the old covenant and new. Blood = Death. The law brought death; water to wine, a sign of joy. The New Testament brings love, joy and life. Finally, it was the people’s understanding of God’s love and concern for them that compelled them to worship. Do you understand God’s love for you? WORSHIP! 

5/27/2018 - Exodus 3

This past week we looked at Exodus 3, Moses’ burning bush experience. This supernatural experience happened in the Sinai mountains on Mount Horeb which is known as the Mountain of God. Ironic because in Hebrew, “Horeb” means waste. But if God is present, He will turn any waste into Holy ground. During God’s fiery appearance to Moses, He called Moses to be the Jews deliverer. Humble Moses said, “who am I”, but God said, “I am” and I will be with you. Moses hit the nail on the head with “who am I”. He’s right. He is nothing in and of himself, none of us are. But the real question is, who is God? He is the Great “I am”, the Beginning and the End, First and Last, Alpha and Omega, Creator of all the heavens and the earth. He has promised Moses I will be with you and put my words in your / Aaron’s mouth. So, what does Moses have to fear? Likewise, the New Testament deliverer is Jesus Christ. He delivers us from sin and its consequences and brings us into a new freedom. In the Gospel of John, Jesus claims to be the great “I am” with bold statements such as, I am the bread of life, I am the light of the world, I am the gate, the good shepherds, the resurrection and the life, the way, the truth and the life, and the true vine. Pretty bold statements unless you are who you say you are. The words “I am” in Hebrew is “Yahweh”. This word (name) is so sacred, many pious Jews refuse to say it. Imagine, as believers in Jesus we have Him living inside us, to never leave or forsake us. What are we afraid of?

5/20/2018 - Exodus 2

This past week we looked at Moses as a foreshadowing of the Prophet who is to come. Deut. 18:15. The original deliverer, Moses, was almost a victim of infanticide or late, late term abortion. Pharaoh had commanded all male babies to be thrown into the Nile. Moses’ mother feared God more than man and hid him for three months. Eventually she hid him in a basket in the Nile only to be discovered and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. His faithful mother being paid to care for her own son! God has a plan for all children and we can never let fear of loss drive us to take their lives. Any aborted child may have been the one cure cancer? or??? As Moses grew, his natural character qualities of justice, mercy and humility showed through. He didn’t always do the right thing, but He did it with the right heart attitude. That righteous attitude won him a wife and a new job from the Priest of Midian. Moses, as a foreshadowing of Christ was very evident as we compare him with Jesus. Both were travelers in a foreign land, both came as deliverers, both provided water, both humbly served and in both cases the women excitedly left the prophet sitting alone at the well. And like the priest informed his daughter, we must invite Him in, serve Him, and He will dwell with us and make us His bride.

5/13/2018 - Exodus 1 

We started a new series on the Book of Exodus. In Gen. 15 we see the promises from God to Abraham in which he was told not to fear, that he would be a father, he would receive the land of Cannon and that he would know for certain that his descendants would be oppressed for 400 years but would come out victorious! Exodus chapter 1 picks up the story of the oppression near the end of the 400 years. Satan has unsuccessfully tried to destroy the line of the promised Messiah from Cain and Able to Noah, the Nephilim, Abraham’s life and now through Pharaoh as he tries to kill all the male children. This attack stretched right through Christ’s coming as Herod tried to kill all the male children in Bethlehem. Each time Satan used fear to drive people to do rash things. In Exodus 1 we saw a fear driven Pharaoh attacking the Jews and there only crime was being fruitful and multiplying which was a command of the Lord. The problem Pharaoh faced was he was opposing God’s plan and God used two God fearing women to protect His plan. These two midwives feared God more than man and God blessed them as a result. We also saw that the oppression of the Jews just made them multiply even more. This is very similar to how Christianity spreads when under persecution. The more oppressed Christians get, the bolder they get, and the more they are fruitful and multiply. Apathy and complacency are often the church’s worst enemies. May we not need trials to encourage us to share our faith.