Jude Summary

Message Summary From Last Week –

10/22/2017 Jude

This past week we looked at the letter of Jude written by Jesus’ little half-brother. This letter was written to all believers which he refers to as the beloved, saints called and bond servants. We spent time looking at what is referred to as our “common salvation” which is our faith in Jesus and His finished work on the cross. Relying only upon Jesus’ grace (accepting it) contrary to relying upon our works, essentially rejecting His gift. The letter is mainly directed at warning believers about the wolves in sheep’s clothing that sneak into churches and destroy the flock. They are first identified by our ears. They are grumblers, fault finding, speak arrogantly, flatters, mockers causing division. Then after hearing them we see them for who they are by their denying the truth or the Word, filled with divers immoralities and causing divisions in the body. True believers on the other hand are to build ourselves up (edify) 1Cor 14:4, by praying in the Spirit so we can be fully charged to minister to those who are doubting or need salvation. Jude concludes with the final charge to love the sinner but hate the sin, accomplishing this only through Jesus the Author and Protector of our faith.