Philemon Summary

Message Summary From Last Week –

10/29/2017 Philemon


Last week we studied the letter of Philemon. Philemon was addressed to the pastor of a house church in Colossae who was about to be confronted with the dilemma of what to do about a runaway slave who had come to faith in Christ and is now returning as a brother looking for forgiveness. To further complicate matters, Paul, Philemon’s spiritual father is also Onesimus’ spiritual father and Paul writes Onesimus this letter of reference. We looked at the history of slavery and although not from God, it has been a part of humanity from the earliest historical writings. In Genesis we saw slavery as early as 400 years after the flood. Slavery was a normal way of life for people in the Roman Empire and has affected every ethnic group at one time or another. Paul and Jesus never got caught up in social issues, nor did they ever tell us to. Instead they told us to preach the Gospel and taught us how to live holy within the confines of the societies we are in. Paul sent the letter of Colossians to all the churches including Philemon’s at the same time Philemon was delivered. We read Col. 3 as Paul explains how to live and act within our relationships, man, woman, parent, child, master, slave. We are all equal in God’s eyes. With God being Master over all, so likewise we are to treat all others the same way we want God to treat us. Showing all others the same forgiveness, grace and mercy He has shown us. Changed hearts through Jesus will ultimately change society.