Topical Sermon Summaries

5/6/2018 Exodus 12, Passover


Exodus 12 covered God instigating the Passover in which God would pass over all homes which applied an unblemished lamb’s blood to the door posts. One of the “Passover” meaning is covering over or protecting from harm from “The Destroyer” vs 23. Psalm 91:4 shows the same principle as he covers us with His wings for protection. Through out Scripture we see the need for a blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins from Adam and Eve to Cain and Able, Noah, Israelite’s temple worship, to Heb. 9:22 which says that according to the Law, one may almost say, all things are cleansed with blood and without the shedding of blood there is not forgiveness. The Passover or covering was temporary even though it spanned 1500 years; it only covered over sin, it did not cleanse us from sin. Jesus provided a much better way by washing us clean from sin by His perfect sacrifice. Jesus’ sacrifice then fulfilled the need for a Passover observance while replacing it with what we call communion, in which we are commanded to do this in remembrance of Him. The need for shed blood displays the gravity of God’s hatred of sin. God does not hold our sins against us, but communion is a great reminder of how we should strive to live a Holy life as we ponder what our sin cost our Savior.

4/22/2018 Matt. 5:21-26


Previously we looked at three types of prayer with God as Father, Abba (Daddy), and friend or intercessor. This last week we looked at coming to God as our Righteous Judge. Many times, we pray and pray and bind and rebuke everything we can think of but maybe only see temporary relief. It may be that our adversary (antidikos, same word as opponent at law), has a legal case against us; 1 Peter 5:8, Matt.5:25. Rev. 12:10 says that the devil accuses the brethren (us) night and day. Job 1:6-9 shows the devil wandering about the earth looking for cause to accuse us. With few exceptions, God is most often depicted on His throne (a place of judgement) with Christ on His right side. Too often we limit God as the Righteous Judge to the Great White Throne Judgement of Rev. 20 or the Bema Seat Judgement of Rom. 14 and 2 Cor. 5:10, Where we will all stand some day. The Biblical truth is, God’s always on the throne and Satan is always looking for reasons for accusations against us to gain a legal cause to afflict us in our health, wealth, and welfare. This does not mean we are not forgiven or loose our salvation or are under God’s condemnation, Matt. 5:21-26, but we should repent quickly and plead Jesus’ righteous blood before the throne, not because God holds our sins against us, but because the devil does and will use it against us.

4/15/2018 Matt. 6:5-14

This past week we looked at the topic of prayer from Matt. 6:5-14. The questions we looked at were how should we pray, in church, home, public? If Jesus is our best friend, praying to Him while we are in a restaurant should not be awkward or embarrassing. Neither should praying with other believers since Jesus is both of our best friends it should be a very comfortable conversation. We looked at the phrase “meaningless repetition” and how the only thing I would like my wife to tell me every day is “I love you”. We can only guess that our relationship with God would be similar. We also discussed the different ways Scripture views God in our approach to Him.

#1 – Father. Matt. 6. A father protects and provides for His children

#2 – Abba, Daddy. Dads love and give good gifts to their children, Matt. 7:7-11

#3 – Friend. Friends intercede for others. Gen 18, Abraham was a friend of God and interceded on behalf of Lot and the people of Sodom.

#4 – Righteous Judge. Our next message.

Our conversations, prayers and petitions should mirror in many ways those you have with a spouse.

4/1/2018 Easter Morning 

John 11:25, Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?” On this Easter Sunday we explored the question, does it matter what we believe if Christ died for the sins of the whole world? If it is finished and the debt was paid in full, does what we believe matter? An overview of the Gospel of John revealed it certainly does matter! John 8:24-36 Jesus explains that truth matters and unless you believe in Him you will die in your sins but believing this truth will set you free. John 14:6 Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through Me. In John 10:9-18 explains to be saved we must go in through Jesus because He laid down His life for His sheep and He has the ability to pick it up again. We closed with 1Cor. 15, Paul’s gospel, which he risked his life for. The Gospel of Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection which must be believed and received for the hearer to be saved. Yes, Virginia, what we believe does matter.

3/18/2018 Rom. 14:1-15:1, Spirit of Offence


Proverbs 18:19 a brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city. This past week we looked at the spirit of offense. In Matthew 18:7 Jesus says that it is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to those who cause them! These past several weeks we have been exposing the devils tactics against us. The spirit of offense is one of his greatest weapons. Offense is self-centeredness. It is also a choice to be offended or smile and pray for them. Offense divides marriages, friends, relatives, employees from employers, churches and all other human relationships. Matt. 18:14, 21 shows that when offended or sinned against we should go to the offender and lovingly confront them, then forgive unconditionally. Many offenses are simply unintentional or simply a misunderstanding, we should always error on the side of grace. We studied through Romans 14 and discussed that we are all in different places in our walk with Christ therefore, we should neither judge others nor cause others to stumble by what we approve. Romans 14:15 says; if your brother is hurt you are no longer walking in love. Too many Christians suffer from CD Christian dementia, i.e., we forget where we came from. Jesus was arguably the most offensive person who ever walked this earth, but he taught us to teach the truth in love, with grace and mercy. It is their choice to accept or reject the truth.

3/4/2018 Psalm 13, The Lies of Satan


When we believe the lie, we empower the liar. John 8:44 Jesus says the devil is the father of all lies, while Jesus in John 14:6 is the way the truth and the life. Rom. 3:4, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” Our focus this last week was to expose the lies Satan tells us by exposing them to the truth of God’s Word. God’s Word needs to be our filter we run every thought, experience, emotion, desire and assumption through. No matter what we experience, if it contradicts the Word of God, the Word of God is the truth and what we have perceived is the lie. Job 1 is an example. I used verse 21, the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Job was only 2/3 right. The lie was the Lord took away. A quick read through Job 1 shows clearly it was the devil, not God. Psalm 13 was our passage text and we looked at the lies David believed that God had forgotten him, and He hid His face from him. The problem was, David was trusting his heart and soul (will, emotion, intellect) rather than the Word of God. This is the same tactic Satan uses today. He tells us to trust His lies of what we “feel”, “experience”, “think”, or “have been taught”, rather than what God’s Word says. Proverbs 3:4-5: Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Both Job and David choose to trust and praise despite their misunderstanding. How about you?

2/25/2018 Ezekiel 28:1-19 Knowing our Enemy

We continued in our series of God’s Sovereignty, Man’s Authority. We looked at our adversary the devil and his part in our lives and world events. This past week we looked at Satan and where he came from. We answered the question of did God create evil to offset His good? A study through Ezekiel 28 and Ezekiel 1 with stops in Gen. 1, 3 and Rev. 20 gave us an over view of the devil (slanderer). We saw God created the heavens and earth and everything that was in them and it was very good! Ezekiel 28 showed “Satan” the beautiful cherub was created perfect, beautiful and blameless and was in the garden of Eden until he chose to sin and rebel against God. He rebelled against God because of his pride. He was defeated at the cross but will not be ultimately destroyed and thrown into Hell until Rev. 20, after the millennial reign of Christ. Pride is one of his greatest tactics used against mankind, both arrogant pride and false humility which is also pride. We are children of God therefore we should be confident in who we are but not conceded. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me is a confident statement not a conceded statement. We are to walk in that same confidence. Eph. 3:20,21 – “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, according to the power at work in us. To Him be all glory in the church and in Christ Jesus…” It’s us confidently allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us that brings God glory.

1/28/2018 God’s Sovereignty, Man’s Authority

Genesis 1:1-10, Romans 8


Before we start a new book of the Bible, the Lord led me to spend a few weeks doing topicals. The first topic we are taking on was that of who is in charge of our choices anyway; us, God, the Devil? God created everything and called it very good and put man in charge of all His creation. He created man in His image to be a steward, or manager, of all the earth, including other men. He was from that moment on held accountable for his actions. Gen. 3:15 God, as the Great chess player, made a plan for salvation to bring man back into the right fellowship with God. Starting with Cain’s sin we see God warned him that he needed to change his attitude because sin was waiting at the door and its desire was for him. That battle still wages today. The devil is seeking to kill, steal and destroy, John 10:10, but Christ came to give us abundant life. The entire old testament was built upon man’s performance based upon Duet. 28-30; you do well = blessed, you choose poorly = cursed, you repent = blessed. Gal. 3:13, Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law having become a curse for us. We closed with Rom. 8:26-30 where those who believe are the fulfillment of Gen. 3:15. The predetermined plan for us is to again be conformed to His (Christ’s) image, by putting our faith in His finished work and not on our own work.